Thursday, July 21, 2011


Theraputtabhaya was one of the 10 giants of king Dutugamunu. He was born in village named Kanthi Grama in Ruhuna. His father was Rohana. His first name was Abhaya. He had strength to break down coconut and palm trees by hitting it.
After his father bacame a monk Abhaya also wanted to be a monk. Then he got priesthood and called Theraputtabhaya. One day Theraputtabhaya thero met Gotimbara. 

One day Gotimbara had been walking to meet king Dutugamunu, he felt hungry. On the way he saw a temple and there was lot of "kurumba" (like kingcocount). Gotimbara entered the temple garden and drank lot of "kurumba". Theraputtabhaya thero was in that temple and saw this. Thero got angry about that because Gotimbara didn't ask before. Theraputtabhaya thero punished him. He caught Gotimbara's little toe and  pulled away around the temple garden.   
After that Gotimbara informed about the strength of Theraputtabhaya thero to king Dutugamunu. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Pussadeva was another giant of king Dutugamunu's army. He was born in Godigamuwa village, near the temple of Sithulpawwa. His father was noble and rich person named Uthpala.


Velusumana was son of Wasabha, who was the leader of Kudumbiyana village in Giri district. Velusumana was  one of the 10 giants of king Dutugemunu's army. Folklore says that Velusumana was the best horseman in the country at that time.

The leader of Sumana district had a strong horse and no one could tame it. In that time Velusumana was young boy. But he tamed the horse and galloped very fast. After that he was send to king Kavantissa to joined his army.

King Kavantissa's queen was Viharamaha Devi. According to folklore, when she was pregnant, she had a strange craving. She wanted to bathe from Thisa Wava (lake) sitting on the sword that used to kill the great warrior of Elara's  army. 

Velusumana went to Anuradhapura and stole the Elara's horse named Ranamaddawa
" I am Velusumana of king Kavantissa's army. If you can, catch me." He shouted. Nanda Saarathi, who was the great warrior of Elara's army, chased him. Velusumana defeated him and went back to Ruhuna with sword and Nanda Saarathi's head. 

When king Dutugamunu battled with Elara, Velusumana fulfilled great service.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Gotayimbara was born in village named Niselwitiya in Giri county. His father was Mahanaga. He had seven elder brothers. He was the youngest of the family. He was very short person. But he had very powerful strength more than others. But he was very lazy. Always his brothers joked to him for his shortness and laziness.

One day his brothers began to till a chena. They done half of work and asked Gotayimbara to do remaining part. Gotayimbara uprooted all unnecessary trees and plants and tilled and bound a fence around the chena by himself. King Kavantissa was informed about him and asked him to visit the palace. After that Gotayimbara also joined the army of the king. In the battle against Elara, Gotayimbara done great help to king Dutugamunu. 

After the war, king gave lot of gifts and presents everyone who helped him. Gotayimbara also got many gifts and presents. A devil named Ritigala Jayasena had quarreled with Gotayimbara. Gotayimbara challenged to him for fight. In that fight Gotayimbara kicked to Jayasena's head and his head broke away from his body and fall down. Gotayimbara was very happy. So he drank toddy too much and fuddled. And he went to see the king. King got noticed that Gotayimbara was fuddled and send him back without talking to him. From that incident, Gotayimbara was doldrums. He went to Nagadeepaya (in Jaffna) and got priesthood and enlightened. 

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Mahasona was another giant of ten giants (Dasa Maha Yodhayo).

Mahasona was born in a village named Karavita. His father was the headman of the village. When he was about seven years old, he showed hardy strength like Nandimithra. He had ability to rend palmyra plants that higher more than him.

When Mahasona approaching his youth, he was able to take down coconut trees and palmyra trees by knocking with his arm.

King Kavantissa (father of Dutugamunu) had been informed about Mahasona. King Kavantissa invited him to the palace. And Mahasona joined the army.

After the death of King Kavantissa, Dutugamunu crowned as the king of Ruhuna. Then he began the battle against Elara to liberate the Anuradhapura. In that battle, Mahasona breached the rampart of Vijithapura. And pulled out a palmyra tree and attacked enemies from it.

He did unforgettable service to our country.