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Suranimala was one of ten giants (Dasa Maha Yodayo) of king Dutugamunu's army.

Suranimala was the youngest son of "Sanghe", a rich person at Kadawita village. His first name was Nimal. He had ability to walk fast.

One day he went to visit prince Deegabhaya who was the commander of sinhala army camp at Kasathota near Mahavali river. 
Prince Deegabhaya asked,"when you had left home?" 
"In the morning" replied Nimala.
"It's impossible. In this far?" Deegabhaya wondered.
"Yes" answered Nimala.
Deegabhaya wanted to verfy what Nimala said. He said to Nimala,
"Son, I have a friend name Kundale at Dwaramandale village in Mihintale. Go ang give this letter to him."

Nimala visited to Kundale right away.
Kundale : When you left home to arrive here?
Nimala: Today, morning
Kundale: In this far? (he was surprised) If it is so, go and bath before lunch.

Nimala didn't know where was the lake. So he went to Anuradhapura and bathed from Thisa Wawe. Then worshiped the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi and came back to Kundale's house. Kundale was too much surprised, after listened the way he had gone. And send him to the king Dutugamunu. Nimala was only 12 years old in that time. 

King Dutugamunu made a huge bowl and filled it with sixteen quarts of toddy. Then challenged to others to drink it. No one had entered it. Nimala drank it. From that day Nimala became "Suranimala".

Suranimala done huge service in the battle against Elara. After the battle he spend peaceful life.

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